Art. 1 - Participation:

Q. I do not belong to any 11 meters DX group, may I take part in the Contest?
A. Of course: all 11 meter operators are encouraged to participate to the world contest. You can make a prior subscription by sending an email to info@cq11ww.org or by clicking on this link. Prior registration will grant the addition of your data (callsign and first name) in the contest software database. Adding your data to the database will make it easier for all contest participants to recognize your station and will help to reduce errors during log checking.

Q. I am in charge of a DX Group but I am not able to know if and how many members of my Group will take part in the Contest. Can I send you the list of members ?
A. Absolutely. If you send us the list of your Group members, it will be added to the Contest database. Thus  your list members will be immediately recognized by the other participants and it will help to reduce errors during log checking.
The required data may be sent in a CSV file with three columns: Prefix number, Unit number, Operator first name.
A forth column with an email address will be welcome if any.  Please contact us at info@cq11ww.org to receive simple instructions.

Q. I am a member of GIR Group ( or AT): do I have to register myself to take part to the contest?
A. No, ALFA TANGO and GIR DX Groups members are entitled to take part to the Contest and their data are automatically included in the database. Only if you’ll take part to the Contest as HQ station, prior registration is compulsory. Also if you are a member of ALFA TANGO and GIR DX Groups.

Q. I decided to join the contest at the last moment. Can I take part even if though I am not registered in the Contest database?
A. Of course. Being unregistered, your callsign will not appear in the developed log software and other participants shall enter it manually: please make sure they have understood it correctly.

Art. 3 – Band, bandplan and contest call:

Q. Why the contacts made between 500 khz and 600 khz included are not valid?
A. Not all 11meter users enjoy the Contest activity, so it fair to leave free the part of the band usually used for the DX activity. Thus, operators not working the contest may still enjoy the band without being disturbed by contesters and without bothering the Contest itself.

Q. Who will verify that participants respect the radio regulations in their own country?
A. The Contest Committee cannot and does not want to replace any of the relevant bodies appointed to supervise the compliance with the current regulations, which might be different from country to country. It’s under each participant’s responsibility to comply with the legislation in force in his country regarding the use of the equipment and the allocated band.

Art. 4 - Categories:

Q. Does a Multi-operator category exixts?
A. There is no Multi-operator category.
However, HQ stations may take part with a single operator or more operators who will operate from the same radio station.

Q. How can I take part in the Contest as an HQ station?
A. Club HQ stations (HeadQuarter) are "official and representative" stations of each Group taking part to the Contest within the limit of one HQ station per DXCC country. Each Group will identify, among his own members, the stations and the operators authorized to represent the Divisional HQ.
Operators interested are encouraged to contact the managers of their Group and offer themselves to take part as an HQ station and / or an HQ operator. Remember, for the HQ station the prior registration is compulsory.

Art. 6 - Scoring:

Q. Why QSOs with HQ stations worth more than others?
A. We wanted to encourage the participation of HQ stations, which will also represent the ability of each Group to organize their resources. Two separate rankings will be compiled for each category (SOP and HQ), then the more HQ stations are contacted, the higher your score will go.

Q. I have in my log stations from the six continents: how do I get the 30 Bonus points?
A. The bonus is automatically granted by the Contest software, no actions are required from you.

Art. 7 - Validity:

Q. Unfortunately I only made a few qso’s: can I send the log anyway?
A. Although with a few contacts, your information are very important for us as they will be used for cross-checking the submitted logs. Nevertheless, if you do not like yourself to be included in the final rankings, you may highlight your participation as "CHECK LOG", your callsign will be inserted in a separate list without score.

Q. I read from rules that contacts made with stations who will NOT submit their logs will be considered valid. How will you be sure that some participants, in order to gain some positions in the ranking, may have attempted to "invent" some QSOs?
A. The main purpose of the Contest is to allow 11 meter users to gather together on the radio and have fun. However, being the Contest a competition, the final rankings has to be as real as possible and no doubts about the correctness of the winners shall arise. Simplest thing to do would be to consider only the contacts made by the stations who submitted their logs. As a result, it would end up rewarding the luckiest participants instead of the best. Stations not submitting their logs will also be considered valid as long as their callsign appear in at least 10 of the logs received. Those contacts will be entitled to 1 point instead of 2.
Contacts not complying with such criterion will inevitably be rejected.

Q. The deadline for submitting the log has expired. What can I do?
A. First of all we would like to thank you for submitting your log anyway. It will help us to carry out the checks. All logs received more than fifteen days after the end of the contest will be considered as Check Logs and will not be included in the final rankings.

Art. 8 - Log:

Q. Where can I find the software to manage the Contest?
A. The software to manage the Contest will be available for download from this website at least 30 days before the start of the Contest.

Q. How can I submit my log?
A. We kindly ask you to follow the instructions on this website. The list of stations who submitted their log will be published right after the end of the Contest. If you do not appear on the list after a few hours from your submission, we encourage you to do it again. In case of further problems, feel free to contact us at info@cq11ww.org WITHIN fifteen (15) days after the end of the contest.

Q. Can I submit my log in a format different from the one created by the Contest software?
A. No. Only the logs created by the Contest software and submitted following the instructions on this website will be accepted. Logs submitted in different formats will be rejected and excluded from the rankings.

Q. I don't have a computer: how can I send my log?
A. If you don't have access to a computer, you probably won't even be able to read these notes. The only way to submit your log is via computer following the relevant instructions.  Any friend in your area may help you?

Q. For some contacts I forgot to note the QSO progressive number. How can I do?
A. The QSO progressive number, along with the callsign of the contacted station is the actual proof of the QSO. If you have not put it in the log, the contact will not be considered valid.

Art. 9 - Limitations:

Q. What is meant to be "remote stations"?
A. A Remote station has to be considered an auxiliary station located outside the station location, controlled and operated over the internet, where the operator is not physically present. The use of these stations is prohibited, both for receiving and transmitting purposes.
Art. 10 - Awards:

Q. When and where will the Awards Ceremony take place?
A. The Awards Ceremony will normally take the next year. Dates and place will be announced in due time on this website. Participants classified in the "prize area" will be notified in advance in a way they can attend the ceremony. The final rankings will be published on this website.

Art. 11 - Final notes:

Q. Who is the Contest Committee formed from?
A. The Contest Committee is formed by two members, one for each Group promoting the CQ ELEVEN WORLD WIDE CONTEST. They have defined the Rules, FAQs and will be in charge to validate the final rankings.
The members of the Contest Committee are: 1AT008 Fabrizio - 1GIR004 Lucio (shown according the Group alphabetical order).

For any further questions or clarifications, the Committee can be reached at this address info@cq11ww.org