Contest Software

This software comes from the experience of yaLOG! and has been specifically written and optimized for this contest.
It run as desktop application under Windows 7, 8.x and 10, in both 32 and 64 bit systems.

Download here your proper version:

Windows 32bit Windows 64bit
Directory update
The latest database of partecipants,
(not required if you run the software with an active internet connection, the software will get it automatically)

 User manual
This software will allow you to write your electronic log, and send it quickly and safely via internet at the end of the contest. Just remember that this contest will run in 2 sessions planned in july and november, but they must be considered like only one.  So the right steps should be:

1. Partecipate to the first session of july.
2. If you will not partecipate to the second session you can send your log immediately using the function present in the program.  Otherwise keep your log file in a safe place, waiting to continue the editing in the second session.
3. Partecipate to the november session continuing to edit the same log file.
4. At the end send your log using the function present in the software.


Stations who will partecipate to both sessions must edit and send the same unique log file, so once again keep it to a safe place between the sessions! Please refer and read carefully the Art.8 of the Contest Rules.

Some antivirus could report these files as suspect.
It's a false positive, a rather common issue for selfproduced and not digitally signed install packages.
The files are safe and not contain any kind of malware!

For your peace of mind you can check their links before to download them with any online scanner like:

For any question about this software please contact: