Eleven World Wide Contest

Living times where the modern technologies inevitably makes appear outdated certain way to communicate by promoting vanity and arrogance, separating rather than connecting, removing rather than giving, where everything now seems taken for granted ... the craving to return to our origins emerged in our hearts, when everything was shared and what we did was enough to paint our days with friendship ... so from this awareness and the wish to prove to ourselves first and then to the others, that the strength of being together overcomes all barriers ... the Eleven World Wide Contest is born.
A combination of intents and feelings linked together by a single purpose: the passion for the radio!

Thus "Alfa Tango", "Gruppo Italia Radio DX" and "Sierra Alfa" groups, by the will of their representatives 1AT008 Fabrizio - 1GIR006 Fabio and 1SA105 Andrea together with all the participants who worked behind the scenes, have merged into a single entity introducing this year a radio event open to all groups and single operators, belonging to the world of eleven meters.

Alfa Tango

Golf India Radio

Sierra Alfa