Eleven World Wide Contest

We believe that the passion for radio should have no boundaries or labels.

Born in 2019 ,this Contest has quickly established itself as the most important world wide event  dedicated to the 11 meters.

The secret of this success is soon explained: it is a Contest open to all groups and individual operators, with simple rules and an easy to manage log.

Join the more than 500 operators who animate the 11 meters for 48 hours every year, demonstrating first to ourselves and then to others, that the strength of being together overcomes all barriers ...

You can make the Contest even at the last moment, without any pre-registration.

But if you want to anticipate your participation by registering, your call will be automatically recognized by the log; it will be easier for others to recognize you, decreasing  the chances of error.


The contest will take place on the third full weekend of July each year, from 00.00 UTC on Saturday to 23.59 UTC on Sunday (48 hours).

For 2023, Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 July

CQ Eleven WW 2022 Winners

Single Operators
HQ Stations

Alfa Tango

Golf India Radio